Monday, 9 November 2009

Zhao Yun FINAL!!

That's right, it's finally finish. :)
Took a while for a small BB Gundam model haha.

All done without the horse.

Zhao Yun on the horse. Blue + Red spear gattai. :D

All 3 BB Gundams I've done so far:

Rikuson Z Plus
Zhao Yun Gundam Heisen
Bacho Blue Destiny

As for the closing note.... My gold Gundam Marker has ran out :( but hopefully I'd be able to get one seperately from the Gundam Sangoku Marker Set.

Ans also, I finally got my airbrush kit but I'm still waiting for the mini water filter that attaches directly to the airbrush as it seems water is coming from the air compressor which messes up the colour.

The next kit I'm going to do is either the MG Strike Noir or the Kotobukiya Armored Core Rosenthal.... we'll see. :)

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