Friday, 11 June 2010

W00t Updated!!

Well, it's been what... 4+ months or something since I posted? Doesn't really matter. :)

Main reason I suddenly stopped posting is because my motorcycle got stolen, less than a month after it was delivered to me. Fortunately, the loan payment for it was already planned otherwise, I'd probably have sold my TV/PC/PS3/games/etc... just to make up for the loss.

Now for the reason I'm posting. With the accident claim finally received, I now plan to get a new bigger bike. I've taken a Direct Access Scheme course so that I could ride any bike I want without engine restriction. My test is going to be on the 29th so good luck to me.

If everything goes accordingly, I'm going British. I'm purchasing a Triumph Street Triple at the beginning of or mid July. I'll be getting a new chain as those f**king thieves bolt-cropped the chain that I had so easily so I'm getting a 19mm chain link by a company called Almax. This is the chain I'm going to get. Not only am I going to get a chain, I'm also going to invest on a "Tracker Monitor" for motorbikes. So if the motorbike is moved without the key in the ignition, it'll alert the police straight away. The best part about Tracker is, it is also usable/trackable in Spain and France for a peace of mind. :)

Well, that's all the updates for now. Will probably post something once I passed my practical test in 3 weeks and got the bike.

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