Friday, 9 July 2010

New Motorbike!!!

That's right!!

Finally managed to get nuff money for a new motorbike. Was initially planning to either get a Triumph Street Triple or the new Honda Hornet but... well, I couldn't thanks to 2 certain banks that got my hopes up and crushing it at the last moment.

Either way, thanks to a certain finance company, I managed to get myself a new Suzuki Gladius. :)
A lot cheaper than those 2 bikes I mentioned above but it's also heavier and has a smaller tank. Read great reviews about the Gladius so I don't think I'll be disappointed.

Oh and btw, I passed my DAS course. Both MOD1+2 passed on my first try with 3 minor faults.

That's the new Suzuki Gladius. 645cc, a 2 cylinder, DOHC, 90 degrees V-Twin engine.

Just look it up here :) :

For security:

Xena XPL Bullet Padlock

And the Almax Immobiliser Series IV Chain + Squire SS65C QC Lock

And finally the aftermarket exhaust - IXIL Hyperlow

And that's it. I'll probably make another update once I get the new bike later this afternoon. Can't wait. :)

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