Monday, 23 August 2010


Well, nothing new. Tis been raining here in London again. Haven't done much Gunpla's the last few days and probably wont be for the next few. :)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Kanpei Gundam #02

Right... 2 days in a row update. :)

Done this a few days ago, I still suck at panel lining. I'll get used to it one day.

Did this earlier. Took a while to colour 'em as it's a mixture of 3 different colours on a single small piece of plastic. I managed somehow so it's all good.

I primered the pieces first and it turned out quite nicely.

Will do the rest some other time as usual. :)

Friday, 13 August 2010

After 1 month -- Motorbike & Gundam

I'm back again.

Motorbike is doing great. Was a bit hard to tame it as it was quite a power jump from 125cc to 645cc but I managed. A few days ago I saw a tiny shard of glass sticking inside the tire that made me panic a bit because the motorbike is brand new and only done about 350 miles. I took out the shard yesterday and to my relief, it wasn't stuck too deep. Pic below:

Shard is stuck just below the tire tread, below the blue line.

My current bike btw with the IXIL Hyperlow exhaust.

Now for an update of Gunpla's, I've decided to put the Noblesse Oblige model aside for a bit and started doing one of my SD Gundam stuff.
Pix of the runners + stickers:

That's it for now... as usual, will post again whenever I feel like it. :)