Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stuff and Updates

There wont be any updates from me for a while(dunno maybe more than a month again :)). Only thing I can say right now is that I finally started airbrushing my PG Gundam Astray Red Frame. Still puts a smile on my face everything I look at the coloured piece of plastic that I just did a couple of hours ago.

Only bad thing about airbrushing for me is when I'm priming. My room is small and the window is behind my TV so I can't really open it. The problem with the primer is the smell and the fumes(?). Since it is really cold outside so early in the season, well, I can't really do it outside. We'll see how it goes but dang, I should've started airbrushing ever since I got my kit a year ago. :)

Updates as they come.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Right, so I finally used my airbrush kit after gathering dust for more than a year. I've only ever tried it on paper and wasn't too sure whether if it'll look good on plastic models with my skills.

Now that I've tried it though, I'm definitely going to use it on my next one. Here's hoping that it'll turn out OK as far as my skills with airbrush is concerned.... I'm a beginner at it afterall. No fine detailing though as I would most likely mess it up. :)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam Finish!!

Yes it's finally done!!

I had some issues having those glitters on the weapon. Since I did not want to use the sticker as they looked horrible, I bought this finger nail lacquer from ebay.

It worked quite well except that when it touched the part with the gundam marker, it dissolved the paint from the marker so I had to apply it carefully which was a real pain in the A**. It was also quite hard to distribute it equally on the surface. I still managed to, somehow, and the weapon turned out quite nicely.

More or less good I guess so hopefully I wont have to use that glitter lacquer anymore. :)
Here's the final model. Only one pose as I can't be a***d to do some more. ;)

And finally all 4 BB Gundams I've made so far. I'm thinking of re-doing Bacho Blue as it looks quite horrible.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tamiya "Fine" Surface Primer

Wow, 3 posts in 1 day. :)

So I decided to use one of the Tamiya primers that I just bought and I have to say that it works really good compared to the one I was using before. The coat is very thin.

I'll be using this type of surface primer from Tamiya from now on. Definitely recommend it.

Itsaaa Hiiiiaaaa

Strange really. Another guy from Royal Mail came and delivered it. "It" as in my MG Sinanju!! :)
Seriously, Royal Mail needs to sort out how they deliver their customer's parcel. It's just not very efficient IMO.

The guys who sent it to me also included a small gundam sticker handbook. Unfortunately, everything's in japanese so I can't read it. Btw, the Sinanju pack also included a red medallion which looks pretty nice.

Here's some pic... actually only 2 :)

Here it is. I've dreamed about doing it one day last year when I first started doing gunpla's.

The medallion is the round thing at the bottom, between the feet.

And this is the sticker booklet. Pretty awesome stuff.

New tools and stuff

Postman just rang my doorbell and gave me these.

2x cans of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer White

1x can of Tamiya Fina Surface Primer Grey

1x Gundam Marker White

3-brush set of Tamiya HF Modelling Brush (Size 0 & 2; 1 Ultra Fine)

Even though I already have a White Primer can, I wanted to see how fine these Timaya primers are as the one I currently have is quite thick.

Also, not really the parcel I was expecting. Where's my Sinanju?!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #08

Body & armour done!!! Yatta!!!

Only pose it can do with the hands. :)

The 2 armour parts for the back that I did below this post can actually be used, or rather equipped on both arms as some sort of claws. But to do that I'd have to remove the green armour that is currently attached on the arms, which I did but w/o success. Either way, it's looking good.

Last thing left to do is the weapon/spear then I can finally move on to the next one, most likely the Armored Core Noblesse Oblige.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #07

Finally finished painting these parts. Turned out pretty well although you can probably see in the image below that gold part didn't cover some area which I'll be correcting after I post this one.

It's finally almost done. :)

Again, the green is much darker than that. The camera flash simply made the colour lighter.

City of Wonder

I've been playing this game on facebook for the last 24 hours now and find it really quite addicting especially for me because it plays pretty much the same as Sid Meier's Civilization.

It also has things that looks like farmville(not too sure as I've never played it and don't ever want to). Basically you have a 2x2 tile which you can either plant, mine, etc, etc... Then there's also the part of building World Wonders ala Civilization except that you will need FB friends to help you out to complete it.

The interface looks like this. If you like Civilization, you'll most likely like this game to pass and/or waste time. :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #06

Here's some more update.

Acrylics paint and Gundam Markers doesn't quite get along on top of each other. Even though both are acrylics. Quite tough having 3 different colours on a single, small plastic part.

Turned out quite nicely. IMO, BB Gundams looks best in matte.

And no, those PS3 games did not fell off. :)

These were the 3 pieces that was attached on the right shoulder/arm. I didn't really had much problem with these except for the small red colour on top of the gold one.

Looks nice all in all. The only thing left is the back decoration part or whatever you call it and the weapon. Kanpei's weapon might be a bit hard as it has glittering part on it and I really do not want to use the sticker as it really looks shitteh IMO.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


The ebay seller already sent it and as I thought, those damn RM people couldn't deliver a 1st class mail within 1-2 days in my area. Anyways, I'm still pre-occupied with my current BB Gundam. 5 or 6 parts left to do and I'm done with it. Will probably post 2-3 more updates.

Btw, just ordered pizza. :)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Just Bought Something

I was trying to avoid spending money but it's hopeless. Was browsing ebay and came across a MG Sinanju for £59.00 incl. shipping. The seller is in the UK so I don't have to wait 2+ weeks to wait for it coming from, usually, HK/TW/CN/JP.

Hopefully the guy/gal is sending it today so I'll get it either tomorrow or the day after.
My allowance this month is running out quick. :)

I've also been looking for water slide decals for this kit but unfortunately they've all been sold out for quite some time.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #05

Keep 'em coming.
Little update. I tried to use acrylics paint on it to see how it looks and have to say that it turned out quite nicely although the green colour that I used is a little brighter/lighter than what I need.

The colour looks actually much darker. It became like that because of the camera flash.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #04

Done the head decoration part or whatever you call it.
Turned out quite all right I must say.

 Here's the head.
And here's the head attached to the body.

Here's hoping to finish it within the next 7 days. :)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #03

1 month, 1 post. :)

Finally some update again on this BB Gundam. The legs are finally done... actually the side was done since the 2nd update so I guess I just got lazy continuing it again.

Either way it's looking good with the Gundam Marker but some how I feel the colour is lacking something. Dunno what but something.

Legs done.

All good!!