Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam #06

Here's some more update.

Acrylics paint and Gundam Markers doesn't quite get along on top of each other. Even though both are acrylics. Quite tough having 3 different colours on a single, small plastic part.

Turned out quite nicely. IMO, BB Gundams looks best in matte.

And no, those PS3 games did not fell off. :)

These were the 3 pieces that was attached on the right shoulder/arm. I didn't really had much problem with these except for the small red colour on top of the gold one.

Looks nice all in all. The only thing left is the back decoration part or whatever you call it and the weapon. Kanpei's weapon might be a bit hard as it has glittering part on it and I really do not want to use the sticker as it really looks shitteh IMO.

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