Sunday, 24 October 2010

Kanpei Gundam Finish!!

Yes it's finally done!!

I had some issues having those glitters on the weapon. Since I did not want to use the sticker as they looked horrible, I bought this finger nail lacquer from ebay.

It worked quite well except that when it touched the part with the gundam marker, it dissolved the paint from the marker so I had to apply it carefully which was a real pain in the A**. It was also quite hard to distribute it equally on the surface. I still managed to, somehow, and the weapon turned out quite nicely.

More or less good I guess so hopefully I wont have to use that glitter lacquer anymore. :)
Here's the final model. Only one pose as I can't be a***d to do some more. ;)

And finally all 4 BB Gundams I've made so far. I'm thinking of re-doing Bacho Blue as it looks quite horrible.

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