Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Accident #3!!

Well, what a sad month for me.

I had a motorcycle accident last Friday while I'm on my way to work. Car slowed down, moved to the left, I tried to overtake, car tried to cut in front of me, my motorcycle got hit, I high-side, rolled over at least twice and then fractured my right collar bone at the same time. Apparently I'm a tough guy and that was the only injury incurred to me... and 1 or 2 scratches. My thanks to the one person who stayed and talked to me the entire time I was lying on the floor, I remember her name was Kelly.

Worst bit, I was told the driver that was involved took off before the police came. Here's hoping there are CCTV's in place.

My motorcycle doesn't seem to have gotten much damage. Foot pegs on both sides were bent, so were the gear shifter and the rear brake pedal. The tip of the clutch lever broke off and the brake lever was bent as well. The right side indicator was hanging, a scratch on the right side front fork and a scratch on the right fuel tank cover. Also, scratches on the exhaust.

It's probably the last time I'll be riding a motorcycle. As mentioned, it's the 3rd time I had a motorcycle accident since I started riding in 2008.

For me, getting minor injuries isn't much of a problem but dealing with insurance companies, police, investigation, etc, etc... is much more a pain in the ass than dealing with the injury.

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