Friday, 18 March 2011

And I'm back again.

Been a while... posting again because I'm finally getting my motorbike fixed!! YAY!!

Unfortunately still, the driver who hit me was never found. May he/she/it rot in hell. I would have gotten it fixed sooner but I had a serious toothache 2 months ago and had to use the money for the treatment instead. Anyways, all's good now. :)

As for the Armored Core model I was doing, I'll most likely postpone for quite some time. I got pissed sometime last last year and sent some parts of the model flying across my room.

That's it for now.
Oh and here's a pic of my bike before I sent it in for repairs.
Yes I know it's not badly damaged.... externally.

Either way.... I also bought a new helmet as I don't want to take my chances with my AVG helmet. Having a fractured collar bone isn't a good thing.

EDIT: Oh and as for the stuff I said about not riding a bike anymore.... well... I guess I just can't give it up. It's like an addiction. I probably said it at the spur of the moment. So yeah, I'm going to ride a motorbike again.

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