Saturday, 26 March 2011

I'm mobile again

That's right, I can finally ride my motorbike again. So glad I didn't pay more or at least pay my own estimated amount which was around £1300.00.

I was most worried about the front right damper as I saw there was a nice straight crack in the middle but apparently that was part of the design. That part alone would most likely cost me around £250.

All is good now though, safe ride to me and everyone who rides motorcycles. Riding is fun but getting injured, not so much.

Oh and btw, I bought a new helmet as I don't want to risk wearing my old helmet.Shame because the old helmet was a limited edition of Rossi/AGV GP TECH that costed me £200 or so. One thing's for sure, I'm not giving it away. :)

No idea when I'll be starting building gunplas again but if I do I'll probably do one of the BB Gundams that I have.

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