Saturday, 25 June 2011

Noblesse Oblige #05

Been a while. Too lazy to post updates.

I've done a fairly bit more these last 2 days.

This is the foot part. I have to say that it feels much stable than the gundam ones.

Some decorations I guess... luckily I bought a heat gun to dry the gold part quickly.

These little bits were such a pain in the arse to panel line.

Here's the to-be-assembled and assembled legs. Looks really nice even in RL. :)

And here are both feet/legs standing. Can't wait for it to finish.

Well, I stopped using my sis' DSLR again as I find using my Arc somewhat better with the correct exposure settings.
I've done the head and the body part already but will post that some other time... hopefully in a few days instead of after 15 days.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Noblesse Oblige #04

I was actually going to post this yesterday but I was so into building the model I didn't bother posting. :)
The current section I was doing were the lower feet which looks quite awesome with all those small gold pieces mixed into the white/black plastics. I have to say white/black/gold are pretty cool looking colour combination.

This part is I believe some sort of knee armour that is sticking out... if you check the finished model and look from the front, you'll see.

Back of the lower feet. I somewhat melted another part again with the heat gun
You'll find it if you look harder. :)

Just like the pic above but more small stuffs added.

Top piece: all three pieces put together

I'm continuing it today until before I go to sleep in an hour or so. Will post whenever I feel like it as usual.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Learning Japanese

I've been trying to learn japanese for the longest time now and never really got used to it mostly because of the software I've downloaded("free" mind you :)) lacks something that makes learning, interesting.

Now, I thought I'd give it another try and since I got an android phone a few weeks back, I searched for "learning japanese" on the droid market and found this software called "Human Japanese".

The free version goes only up to chapter 8, last time I checked. But the full version goes all the way up to chapter 40, learning kanji and other stuff. All for the price of only £6.09. You can also get the trial version for PC and the full version is USD19.00... so that's about £13(?).

This software actually made me get a piece of paper and a pencil to get familiar with and write hiragana. I only do bit by bit a day 'cause if I do more, I'd definitely forget all about what I learned. Currently on chapter 4, learning the t-series as the software calls it.

More info here:

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Noblesse Oblige #03 - finally

Continuing from more than a year ago here:

I had some runners that I actually airbrushed, some just primed and the rest with no paint at all. I just don't feel like airbrushing them for some reason.

The two arm parts from last time are now now connected as you can see from the pic. Also added some more stuff on it (weapons?).

The parts below are for the legs. Having looked at the complete model, they seem to be the thigh protector/armour. I do some panel line on them every time I finish a section from the manual.

These parts are also for the legs. The top one is t he completed section and the bottom part are the pieces still to be put together.

This is now the combined parts from the above. I'm still "no good" at panel lining. The few mistakes I made on the lines are quite noticeable and it's quite hard to fix them because.... I don't really know how. :)

The next section will be the lower part of the leg so I'll probably be doing that either tomorrow or whenever I feel like doing it... as usual. :)