Saturday, 25 June 2011

Noblesse Oblige #05

Been a while. Too lazy to post updates.

I've done a fairly bit more these last 2 days.

This is the foot part. I have to say that it feels much stable than the gundam ones.

Some decorations I guess... luckily I bought a heat gun to dry the gold part quickly.

These little bits were such a pain in the arse to panel line.

Here's the to-be-assembled and assembled legs. Looks really nice even in RL. :)

And here are both feet/legs standing. Can't wait for it to finish.

Well, I stopped using my sis' DSLR again as I find using my Arc somewhat better with the correct exposure settings.
I've done the head and the body part already but will post that some other time... hopefully in a few days instead of after 15 days.

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