Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stuff and Updates

There wont be any updates from me for a while(dunno maybe more than a month again :)). Only thing I can say right now is that I finally started airbrushing my PG Gundam Astray Red Frame. Still puts a smile on my face everything I look at the coloured piece of plastic that I just did a couple of hours ago.

Only bad thing about airbrushing for me is when I'm priming. My room is small and the window is behind my TV so I can't really open it. The problem with the primer is the smell and the fumes(?). Since it is really cold outside so early in the season, well, I can't really do it outside. We'll see how it goes but dang, I should've started airbrushing ever since I got my kit a year ago. :)

Updates as they come.

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