Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bacho Blue Destiny Gundam #02

I just started painting it with blue and I have to say that it looks pretty neat. I'm going to put another blue coating on it in about an hour as it currently looks too dark blue.

The picture doesn't show it but it's a tad bit more darker than that.

Edit: This is the finished one. Somehow the camera shows it too dark. Oh, and putting another blue disn't seem to help... maybe I've done something wrong. :)

And yes, I messed up the red beard/chin thingy at the bottom. Since the whole head was in colour blue, I tried to cover the chin part with red Gundam Marker and as it turned out, oil-based marker on top of water-based colour doesn't mix well. I'm still a noob with these things. :)

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