Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Noblesse Oblige #03 - finally

Continuing from more than a year ago here:

I had some runners that I actually airbrushed, some just primed and the rest with no paint at all. I just don't feel like airbrushing them for some reason.

The two arm parts from last time are now now connected as you can see from the pic. Also added some more stuff on it (weapons?).

The parts below are for the legs. Having looked at the complete model, they seem to be the thigh protector/armour. I do some panel line on them every time I finish a section from the manual.

These parts are also for the legs. The top one is t he completed section and the bottom part are the pieces still to be put together.

This is now the combined parts from the above. I'm still "no good" at panel lining. The few mistakes I made on the lines are quite noticeable and it's quite hard to fix them because.... I don't really know how. :)

The next section will be the lower part of the leg so I'll probably be doing that either tomorrow or whenever I feel like doing it... as usual. :)

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