Thursday, 16 February 2012

PG RX-78-2 Gundam 30th Anniversary EX Finish - Right Arm Unit #02

Right, finally an update!!!

I was seriously bored and since I don't really browse Facebook anymore, there was really nothing to do so I dusted off the the big PG box and started doing some work on it.

Well, this Right Arm Unit was actually done a long time ago... probably a few days after I've finished the Head Unit back in August last year. So here it is.

Oh and since I'm now on FiOS, there's no point in me re-sizing the image size. :)

This is the shoulder piece unassembled.

The upper-arm part, again unassembled.

Partly assembled, with the lower part to be put together.

Here's the whole thing put together sans the outer armour. I did paint some parts with silver and gold for no particular reasons really. Sure took a lot of time but I really liked how it turned out.

And here's the hand. I really like how each fingers are each separated pieces. I have to say that the hand/s on the PG Red Frame was/were rubbish and well... every time I change the position of the fingers, they just fall off.

Oh, and I also painted the fingers gold and silver. :)

And here's the fully assembled Right Arm Unit. Since the outer armours are coated, you just can't avoid taking off some of the coating when snipping the parts off the frames.

The base colour of the frame is white(I guess) so I had to somewhat match the coated colour but unfortunately I only have silver as you can see on the pics.

I've already finished the Left Arm Unit today so I'll probably post tomorrow or something.

Oh and I used my Xperia Arc to take these pictures. I now have a proper camera since December. It's the Sony NEX-5n!!! "It's awesome" is all I can say. :)
Will probably put some random test pictures I've taken using the camera someday.

That's all for now.

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