Wednesday, 14 August 2013


No Gundam update today. Hopefully tomorrow but definitely sometime this week.

Been recently watching Harry Potter. Not a fan at all, just curious why almost everyone I know likes it. Currently watching part 6, The Halfblood Prince, and I have to say that I quite like it so far.

On another topic, I bought some crocodile clips and some bamboo sticks for airbrushing. Never really thought about buying them until a couple days ago.... even though I've started airbrushing for more than a year now I believe.
The bamboo sticks I bought are 14"(!!). I knew they were long but they seem to be longer seeing it in person. There are shorter ones but not thick enough to "slot in" to those croc clips. For less than £2(50 pcs), IMO, it's a good deal.

Bought them on eBay btw.

Bamboo Sticks, ebay item #: 221249728571
Croc Clips, eBay item #: 110654630069

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