Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ryofu Gundam #5 Final!!

Finally completely finished with it. It took a bit longer to make due to me masking, painting anddrying some parts.

The flying platform was quite an experience and I also have to mentioned that metallic colour paint looks really nice. I also bought some canned spray from Amazon... they are made by Hycote and seems to work pretty well on plastic surface and most of all, it's f*ckin cheap @ ~£4.50 for a 400ml can.

And so, here's the final pic. :)

The platform actually has 4 different styles/forms depending on who you combine it with. The current one in the picture isn't really the one for LuBu but I like it that way. :)

As for my next one... I don't know yet although I really want to buy and build one RG Gundam kit. We'll see. Not sure when that's going to be. :)

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